Help your library help you

library garden

We recently held a community event at our local library and it got me thinking – libraries really are great community spaces that are under threat.

We were lucky enough to be working on a joint project with St Austell library to utilise their beautiful (and relatively undiscovered) garden for community focused events.  But this is just one example of Continue reading


Easy peasy poetry

poetry example

We recently road tested our new activity countryside poetry dice.  It is designed to engage groups in creative writing and poetry based on their experiences and emotions connected with nature and the outdoors.  The activity aims to make poetry accessible and fun, helping participants express their thoughts, feelings and memories without feeling the pressure of creating poetry from scratch. Continue reading


Weaving tales workshop

weaving materials

This short 1 minute film is about Weaving Tales; an activity that we used recently at a workshop to demonstrate how simple activities like this can engage people living with dementia.

Weaving Tales stimulates our memories of being in outdoor environments which in turn sparks conversation. This leads to a greater understanding between people. It’s not about what you create with someone; it’s about the “journey” you share together whilst you’re doing it.

How it worked…… Continue reading


Top 5 tips for a quick fix of nature

foraging hand

There is a wealth of research and evidence out there to demonstrate that forging a connection with nature promotes well being, both physical and mental. Children can learn more effectively when interacting with nature, people living with dementia can tap into memories through engaging the senses with nature, and who doesn’t feel calmer and happier after getting 5 minutes of fresh air.

With this in mind we have come up with 5 quick ways Continue reading